Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AG by aquagirl's Season Image

Here are some images from AG by aquagirl's Spring-Summer 2011 collection, 

A Beautiful Day for a Picnic.

Gosh, all these girls look like dolls! I feel pulling of these looks is a bit hard to pull off, or it is at least in my case. Sigh . . . Ha ha ha! There are so many trends in this collection: the florals, the floppy hats, lace and what-not. If I were to purchase things from Japan, I guess now would be a good time since the Yen is weaker, right? Oh, thinking of Japan depresses me.

. . . 

Brb, going to my ditch.

**All photos were taken from AG by aquagirl's website which you can visit here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

These Little Wonders

I'm practically halfway through my summer vacation, and I'm quite apprehensive about it all. This year is going to be a big one for me. I'll be celebrating my 18th birthday with a formal debut and starting my first year of college. Gosh, there is so much to do but I'm way too lazy to even get off the bed.. I've got to enlist, enroll, plan and bla bla bla. Thinking is making me sleepy. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easy-Breezy Summer Outfits

I happened to stumble upon ASOS earlier, an online store that sells both women and men's apparel, and fell in love with many of their items. These are the types of outfits I'd enjoy wearing during the summer. And yes, most of these outfits do show a girl wearing short shorts, much shorter than I'd feel comfortable with, but that's not the essence of this collection of outfits.

Summer in the Philippines is very much like being in a desert. Okay, that's a hyperbole, but not too exaggerated in my opinion. Though it is not extremely humid, there are days when the sun just shines down too brightly, and I feel like I am getting skin cancer whilst I walk outside. No wonder I'm getting fatter, anyway.. These outfits from ASOS do look quite spring-ish, yes? I think the season of spring was when floral prints and cream/pastel/nude colors were in season, but I don't think there is a reason not to be able to wear these spring-y outfits during the summer.

DID YOU KNOW THAT BLACK IS A COLOR THAT ABSORBS MORE HEAT THAN ANY OTHER COLOR? Did you also know the 'hot' colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) absorb more heat than 'cool' colors (blue, violet, what-have-you)? Ah, well if you didn't and are currently confused, it's okay. I was too when I was taught this in science class. But I'm not going to go into detail with that. I just thought that these light and 'cool' colors would be great for summer, as they will be less likely to absorb heat. I sound like a nerd, but that's fine!!

When I look at these outfits, I imagine myself wearing them, and I feel like one of those girls in those commercials with the breezy and the beautiful and the cover girl trees and the wind. Oh, I think one of those deodorant commercials has popped into my mind. Anyhow, I don't say breezy meaning the wind will pull up your skirt, I mean the wind can still reach -- oh gosh do I sound like a pervert XD? Lulz. Oh gosh, how do I say this without sounding nasty? (._.''')

All photos were taken from ASOS web shop. They aren't mine :3 --- check the store out now while they are delivering all orders to anywhere, free of charge! I mean, the shipping is free, not the stuff.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Shopping I

Shopping spreeeeeeeee!!
Gosh, lately I've been spending so much on myself, but at least I bought these goodies from inexpensive stores *cough* Greenhills *cough*! There's nothing like a good bargain hunting on a boring day. Honestly, I am very happy (and tired) with the things I've bought today, though I really gotta cut down on the expenses. (_ _;;)

Item #1: a Zebra-print cardigan

The cardigans I've bought/seen from Forever 21 and Zara similar to this design cost around P900 - P1,000. That's about $20 - $27! That's already a huge chunk of my prize money *cough* (from graduation). Plus, I have yet to see any cardigan like this (with zebras AND stars) from big brands. SO, how much do you think this cardigan costs?

Drum roll please . . .

P250!! --- or $5! --- Ho my gots!

. . .

Now I feel bad about not buying the other cardigans from that store. There were three other cardigans in different designs. Actually, there was another cardigan with the same pattern but differently colored. If I remember correctly, the cloth of the cardigan was navy blue, and the zebras were colored a light blue and red, and the stars were colored yellow. I would have purchased that one instead, had my sister not stopped me and said "It looks like a pajama top," and "Why are the zebras blue and red??"  I mock her with a ditzy voice.

Item #2: crocheted vest

This I bought from a boutique inside the mall called Nava. This store is definitely one of my new favorites! The store attracted me from a distance away, with their delicately dressed mannequins and their brightly lit store ornately decorated store. Nava sold clothes that remind me of Japanese fashion magazines. They sold maxi dresses, vests, sun hats, shorts, sleeveless tops, belts, knee-length dresses, skirts, caps, etc., all in such cute fabric. Many of these were floral prints, others were not. 


Item #3: Bow/butterfly-thing hair clip
Item #4: a pair of Blue and green scrunchies

Lately, I've begun to realize how much the littlest details can add so much to the entire outcome, so I bought these hair accessories from another boutique called Amanda's Place. The store sold both clothing and accessories, the clothes a little not worth it too plain for me, but the accessories were pretty cool. Had I been given the chance to buy more accessories from there, I would have. But, luckily for me, my stomach was stoping me from buying any more. No, not my gut. I was pretty hungry by the time I had gotten to this store (after hours of window shopping and walking, walking walking), I was already shaking. LOL. So I hurried and went to the food court. c:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I've got more loot goodies to bleurgh about, but so little time. Wow, it's already 9:30 pm! I've missed my bedtime. Goodnight, whiskers.

~Cocoa Channel