About Me

(Yes, I am away there is a stranger-man and a pair of sexy legs behind me.)

                  The Green Tea Lover . . .

I am a Gemini, and constantly go back-and-forth from thing to theng.
These things/thengs may include studying, watching television, surfing the net, reading, eating, drinking, eating, etc.

My teacher once laughed (quite violently) when I told her I was shy. She refused to believe it. I guess my big fat mouth belies my coyness. Teehee.

It is against the law, but one of my favorite hobbies is vandalizing. I especially love to vandalize on wooden desks in my mathematics classroom. My goal is to draw a variety of ugly, wrinkly, old men in picture frames on each desk, and hopefully, get a good response from a person or two!

Currently, I am a college freshman, taking up BS Business Economics. God save my soul, I hate economics. Supply and demand, demand and supply, bla, bla bla.